Cendrillion: Out of Ashes
General Information:
• Racially mixed country, primarily human and some Devona.
• Described as the “broken country”, half of Cendrillion was broken off into the sea at the “Last Great Battle”, and is edged jaggedly by the “Cliffs of Arnaud”. The continent has been rejoined.
• The Cliff’s still smokes and smolders to this day. Smoke has been replaced by dust, as the Cliffs are no more, and The Mountains of Raoul, stand in their place.
• The people are generally a heartier sort, gruff and independent.
• Willworkers and Druids are “officially” banned from the country, and its inhabitants are the most distrusting of them, on the Isle.
Ruler(s):No single ruler, the Broken Country is ruled loosely by The Council of Six- two leaders from each primary city.

Cities ofCendrillion:







The Isle of Deroge-The Grand Wager... boedennarwin