Channing: The church’s term, in most cities, for a human Bishop level priest of the nearly forgotten gods.

Chappin: The church’s term, in most cities, for a human priest, of the nearly forgotten gods. In villages and small towns, they can be referred to as a ‘Wisdom’, a ‘Wisewoman’ or ‘Wiseman’, or in some remote places, a ‘Keeper’.

Verite’: “Lighter” god. He has brother Mensonge.

Mensonge: “Darker” god. He has a brother Verite’.

The Creator: Father of Verite’ and Mensonge.

In the beginning…

The One, the Creator, in his loneliness and omnipotence, created two sons, Verite’ and Mensonge. The Creator wanted to keep a balance in his creations, so he divided his nature and gave a piece to each son. His anger, ambition, pride, etc., he gave to Mensonge. His passion, forgiveness, compassion, etc, he gave to Verite’. Over the centuries that followed, Verite’ and Mensonge, grew surprisingly close, despite their differences. Unknowingly to the Creator, his sons started to share small qualities of the other. After several more centuries, the sons began to ask the Creator to make them a world of their own, to rule over as it’s gods, after all, that is what they were. After another century or so, the Creator relented, and created the Continent, ‘Isle of Deroge’. The Creator then created the animals and other creatures of the Isle. Eons past, then the sons began to request, to their father, the right to create their own beings, beings that would worship and pay homage to them. After several centuries, the Creator acquiesced. After several tries, the Devona and Eshih were created. After many centuries, Mensonge decided that the Devona and Eshih’s devotion was not up to expectation. Their oneness was more with the land and creatures of the Isle, than their gods. Mensonge convinced Verite’ to create Humans, without the consent of the Creator. Mensonge made an agreement with Verite’, that they would imbue man with an equal distribution of their traits, an agreement that Mensonge had no intention of keeping. Over the passage of time, the traits of Mensonge began to take the upper hand in the evolution of Man. He became more ambitious, greedy, and warlike. It was these tendencies, that led to the Devona and Eshih to create the term, Ahebban (war bringer), when referring to Man.


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