Wynnder Darcy

Trust no one


CLASS: Rogue

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Height: 5’6” Weight: 90 lbs Eyes: Grey Hair: Black

STR 10 DEX 17 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 10 CHA 10


ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral HP 25 AC 16 INIT +3 BAB 3

FEATS: Nimble Fingers, Forester, Stealthy

CLASS FEATURES: Trapfinding; Evasion; Trap Sense +1; Uncanny Dodge

RACIAL TRAITS: Immunity to sleep; low-light vision; martial weapon proficiency

SKILLS: (with ranks only) Appraise 4; Balance 7; Disable Device 13; Escape Artist 8 (10 for rope bindings); Hide 11; Listen 8; Move Silently 12; Open Lock 14; Search 10; Sleight of Hand 10; Spot 7; Tumble 8; Use Rope 8 (10 for rope bindings)

Armor: MWK studded leather;

Weapons: Shortsword (AB 3, 1d6); 4 MWK Daggers (AB 3/6, 1d4); Light crossbow (AB 6, 1d8)

Equipment: Mwk thieves’ tools; backpack; bedroll; blanket; flint & steel; belt pouch; silk rope; waterskin; lantern & oil (10 flasks); whetstone; traveler’s outfit; cold wether outfit; magnifying glass; smokestick; light riding horse.

Potions: 3 CLW; 3 CMW; 2 pass w/out trace; 1 spiderclimb; 3 cat’s grace; 1 barkskin +2; 1 gaseous form; 2 bull’s strength

Money: 29 copper; 64 silver; 115 gold (450 gold for Ana).

Other: 4 sets of jewelry (Ana)


Wynnder is the older daughter of, and the by-blow of an affair of a maid to, Lord Aulin Darcy, a minor Eshii nobleman in the city of Keening with who dreams of advancement in Eshii society. Due to her mother’s low station, Wynnder was useless to her father as a way to advance through marrying off a daughter to a more powerful nobleman. Wynnder learned to sneak around and steal by necessity to survive in her father’s own house.

Her younger sister, Anamari, however, was another matter. The result of a short-lived political marriage to a higher-ranked noblewoman, Anamari – only 14 now (the equivalent of 7 for a human child) has been promised to her own political marriage to a powerful Keening lord with a predilection for little girls. Wynnder objected strongly to her sister’s betrothal, and was thrown out of her father’s house as a result.

Initial introduction:

I am dreaming. a distant part of myself realizes that, recognizes it hte way tat you do where the dream is “off” just enough to be unreal. I am dreaming.

“Are you sure?” the girl asks. She perches on the balcony, bare feet swinging, the hem of her dress fluttering in the breeze. Her blue eyes glitter mischievously under a tangle of brown curls. “Maybe you’re awake.”

“I don’t think so.” I stretch my arms above my head. “Cheney doesn’t have trees towering in into the clouds like that.” What is her name? I know it, it’s just on the tip of my tongue. I know her, how she feels in my arms. I can carry her cradled in one arm, here in this dream-world. “And it isn’t this close to Keening.”

She laughs, as if she knows a secret, but I can’t hear it. The sound of the wind is growing, drowning out whether it was that she was about to tell me. The wind will moan, will grieve, will mourn, as she raises her arms and tumbles backwards over the parapet before I can leap forward to catch her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She can’t hear me either, but the mumbled sound of my own voice snaps me awake. There is no wind, just the sound of the water in the canal below my window.

I sit up, rub my eyes. The room is barely big enough to hold the cot and the chamber-pot. But it was mostly clean, and it was private. Almost noon … time to get up, get fed, get out to see how many loose purses might be available as Dalis prepares for its Festival of Lights.

Ana-mari, Always my first thought. You would like Dalis, Ana,” I murmur. As I step outside the room, I feel for a moment a memory of a weight in my arms. I rub my hands over my forearms, pushing away the thought.

Note: Portrait is from this drawing.

Wynnder Darcy

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