Warrane Parthana Willowind

Warrane of the Northern region of Carwithian


Warrane Parthana Willowind, is the commander and general of the Eshih army of the northern region, of the country of Carwithian.  She is fairly tall for an Eshih female, standing five feet seven inches tall.  She has short brown hair, and emerald green eyes.  Parthana has a rye sense of humor, leaning towards the masculine in it's brashness.  She is a formidable opponent, both in military tatics, and in personal combat.  Her soldiers are extremely loyal to her, and have no problem laying down their lives, at her command.  Parthana has a younger, and overprotective Druid sister, who is her personal liason, and advisor.  Her sister could be her twin, but is shorter, and with longer hair.


Warrane Parthana Willowind

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