Channing Kearnan

The head Channing in Cosette, keeper of The Prophecy


Channing Robert Kearnan – 75 year old Human male
5’7" tall – 175 lbs.
Hair – grey Eyes – light blue
Str. – 8
Dex. – 8
Con. – 14
Int. – 18
Wis. – 22
Cha. – 16

Skills: Sense Motive (16), Knowledge(Ancient-Languages[reading&writing],Religion


Channing Robert Kearnan, was born in Beaufort, seventy five years ago. One thousand years, almost to the day, after The Great Battle that split the continent. He had grown-up, just like any other middle class human boy, in Beaufort. He could be just as unruley, as any other child, and was never considered overlybright or more astute either, that is until his sixteenth birthday.

Channing Kearnan

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