Caneus Valorn

A man trying to become a hero while wrestling with his personal demons.

  • Class: Fighter Lvl 6


Str 14 +2
Dex 16 +3
Con 14 +2
Int 13 +1
Wis 11 +0
Cha 12 +1


Initiative 3
H.P. 59
Speed 30 ft.
Sex Male
Age 21
Height 5’10"
Weight 160 lbs.
Deity None
Alignment Chaotic Good
Languages Common Devonan (Dwarf)

Armor Class

A.C. 22
Touch 14
Flat-Footed 19

Base Attack Bonus & Grapple

Saving Throws

Fort 7
Ref 4
Will 2

Weapons, Attack Bonuses, And Damage

Whip +2 10/5 1D3+4 Subdual
Spiked Guantlet 8/3 1D4+2
Short Sword +2 10/5 1D6+4


Backpack Clothes Artisan tools (Trap) Artisan tools (Leather) Belt pouch Torches Bedroll Winter Blanket Rope Sack Flint and Steel Water-skin Whetstone Rations

Magical Gear
|Whip +2 (Silver, Valor)|Short Sword +2 (Silver, Valor)|Ring Of Haste (Silver, Valor)|Chain Shirt +2 (Silver, Valor)|

|Cure Moderate Wounds (8)|Bull’s Strength (1)|Cat’s Grace (1)|

Skills (Points/Ranks + Ability Modifier)

Climb 9
Craft (Trap-making) 4
Craft (Leather working) 4
Disable Device 3
Intimidate 5
Move Silently 5
Ride 7
Swim 6
Tumble 3


Exotic Weapon (Whip) Combat Expertise Improved Trip Dauntless Improved Disarm Dodge Mobility 2 Weapon Fighting 2 Weapon Defense


History of Caneus Valorn:


            Caneus Valorn was 4th born by Bathrethrin and Nadia Valorn.  Bathrethrin and Nadia gave birth to six children.  The Valorn Family hails from Immol.  In order form oldest to youngest:  Janea, Danialella, Simon, Caneus, Marktel, and Thomfeld.

          Life was rough for this family.  Partly because of where there lived (Immol), a very somber and unforgiving land.  But also because Bathrethrin being a simple metalworker and blacksmith.  Bathrethrin worked long days and even longer nights.  These long hours and sometimes it seemed like he was gone for days, was just enough to put food on the table.    Bathrethrin took pride in his work.  He considered it to be an honest living.  It was very hard to compete with other metalworkers and blacksmiths in the city.   But day after day, Bathrethrin tried his very best and never gave up. 

          Nadia was a fulltime mother and even seemed like she was a father as well.  Since Bathrethrin was constantly trying to work and always being away from the home with the exception of a few short hours every couple of days.  The family struggled deeply with clothing, food, and even water at times.  But the one thing that was never short was love.  Since every child was about a year apart from each other, everyone of them looked out for each other, and also helped raised the others. 

          The children understood why the father was never at home and they all adjusted rather well.  Other than the few mischievous doings of the boys, their behavior was quite outstanding.  Nadia rarely ever had to punish the children and the children always pitching in and helping the Nadia with all the daily work.  Life, considering, was pretty good to this family.  They all knew their roles and accepted them without hesitation.  But unknowingly, their happy, simple life was about to change one fateful day.

          Simon and Caneus, being the eldest of the boys, bonded very strongly with each other, more so than any of the other children.  One game they used to play constantly was "Warriors".  When the mother and their siblings were either hard at work or resting, they used to take a couple of their father's swords.  They would run down to the meadow behind their cottage and let their imagination take over.  They would fight evil monsters and bloodthirsty bandits.  Sometimes one would assume the role of an "evil-doer" and they would playfully try to swordfight each other.  They both dreamed, when they got older, to both be great warriors and fight evil together. 

          In the fateful day of mention, they did their normal routine of taking their Father's swords to go and play.  At this time, Simon was 14 and Caneus being 13.  They started to playfully swordfight each other like they always had.  But as Simon was going for an overhead swing, his foot caught a tree root.  Being off-balanced he fell forward.  Caneus not being aware of the slip was doing his usual "duck-under" the overhead swing.  Simon falling forward ran himself through Caneus' sword.  Caneus watching in disbelief saw Simon's life escape his eyes.  As Simon slumped down to the ground, Caneus dropped the sword and pleaded for Simon to jump back up.  As if the entire incident was part of their game.  When Caneus realized Simon was not getting back up, he also slumped to the ground in shock and horror.  The tears overwhelmed him and he sobbed for hours while holding the lifeless body in his arms. 

          After several hours, Caneus regretfully marched back home to tell his family what had happened.  As he walked into the house, Nadia saw that Caneus was bloodied and shaking.  She grabbed him to ask what had happened and how did he get hurt.  Caneus being barely understandable, told his mother that the blood was not his and tried to explain to her the incident.  Nadia grabbed him very sternly and started to scream and wail at the loss of her eldest son.  Her fingers tore into Caneus' shoulders.  She then broke down in a crying heap.  The rest of the family, especially Janea and Danialella, ran to the meadow to see what had happened.  Caneus staying with his mother then experienced something he would never forget.  He hugged his crying mom and said through his tears, "Mom, Im sorry it was an accident".  His mother then replied, "Don't…touch me", then slapped Caneus across the face.  Caneus fell to the ground in disbelief.  His mother had never laid a hand on him before or any of the children for that matter. 

          The local constable was informed of the incident and then went and told Bathrethrin of what had transpired in his absence.  Bathrethrin was in disbelief for quite some time.  Then hurried home to be with his family.   This was a very trying time for the family.  The incident being ruled a pure accident, Caneus was not charged for any crime.  Nadia, having difficulty dealing with the loss of her son became bed-ridden for months after.  Every time Caneus went into her room to see her, Nadia would turn her back towards him and always asking him to leave.  Bathrethrin told Caneus that she was stressed and did not mean it.  But to this day, Nadia refuses to even look at Caneus.

          Janea and Danialella both realized this was an accident.  They both were very supportive of Caneus through this very difficult time.  Marktel and Thomfeld felt very threatened by Caneus' presence.  They both came to the conclusion that Caneus might have done it on purpose because of jealously of Simon.  Both never felt safe around him again.  Bathrethrin has forgave caneus almost immediately but he would never forget.  And Nadia, the one who gave birth to Caneus has never forgiven nor has forgotten what he had done.  And has not spoken or even looked at him for the past five years.

Five years have passed since the incident.  Caneus has always felt guilty for taking Simon's life.  It took him about 2 years to come to terms with what has happened.  Caneus now realizes that Simon would always be with him and that Simon has forgiven him.  Caneus had a dream months after.  And in the dream Simon spoke to him. He stated, "Caneus, little brother.  Please don't be sad anymore.  I'm not mad at you.  I know it was an accident.  And it was mostly my fault.  I should have seen that root, but I did not.  I am in a good place now, and I will be forever with you by your side, as well as the rest of the family.  Not only will I be at your side but in your heart and mind.  Let go of the anger, sadness, and remorse.  Mom will come around.  I still love you little brother…".  Caneus waking in a cold sweat and tears cried in his bed.  Then by morning a great calm came over him, like a special type of warmth of healing on the inside.

          From that day on, Caneus made a pact with himself and Simon.  Caneus would somehow complete his dream of being a great warrior.  But also, he would never take another man's life.

Caneus Valorn

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