Weekly Outline

Week 1:

Week 2:

  • Lucinde meets Iezecele and Val in Trillian.
  • Rob, Lucinde, Iezecele and Val explore a nearby underground tunnel and fight a giant snake and 4 giant ants

Week 3:

  • Rob, Lucinde, Iezecele, and Val return to the warrens outside of Trillian.
  • They defeat 4 Fire Beetles
  • The party faces a skeleton champion who tells them something about their destiny
  • They defeat the champion at a dear price, Rob falls in battle
  • The party finds an enchanted document

Week 4:

  • The group talks about the enchanted document and themselves
  • The enchanted document leads to a job from the church

Week 5

  • The group travels from Trillian to Senna, encountering a corrupted dire wolf along the way.
  • In Senna, they speak with Channing Odo about the page and future plans
  • Iezecele checks in at the Arcanum Primus. Lucinde chats with her family.

Week 6

  • The group is hired by Channing Odo to explore caves in Kermis
  • On the road to Kermis, they are watched by ravens
  • They find another group in the caves and a fight ensues

Week 7

  • The group finish searching the caves in Kermis and find more Prophecy
  • They deliver their findings to Channing Odo and press for more answers

Weekly Outline

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