Ahebben: A derogatory term used by Eshih and Devona for humans meaning “war bringer”

Aleron: Title of a human knight

Channing: A human Bishop level priest of the forgotten gods.

Chappin: A human priest of the forgotten gods

Delmare’: A term meaning “From the Sea” in the old language. It now stands for those who earn their days completely on the sea.

Devona: A dwarf from the Isle of Deroge

Druid: A Devonan or Eshih worker of magic

Eshih: An elf from the Isle of Deroge

Grosvenor: A Devonan title, meaning “Great Hunter”

Harbin: A human title for a great warrior

Karel: A Devonan title for a great warrior

Sea Mistress: A willworker of the Delmare’

Warrane: Eshih title meaning “Warden of Game and Forest” a General of the Eshih army. Carwithian has three (the north, the middle, and the south)

Willworker: a human master of the arcane

Il'a: a term meaning "From the Island" in the old language.  It applies to denizens of Marmo.


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