-Human Magic Users

Specialization: Specialization of a element is required at 1ST level.

-Males – can specialize in – (Fire & Earth)

-Females – can specialize in – (Water & Air)

Willworker’s spells are elementally based:

Fire – Fireball
Water – Boiling Water Ball
Earth – Molten Lava Ball
Air – Super Heated Air Ball

Game Rules:

-Willworkers are spontaneous casters.

-They can choose spells from the Sorcerer and Clerics lists, the Cleric spells are restricted to healing spells.

-Willworkers have a Sorcerer’s spell progression & spells per day.

-Willworkers gain all of the added feats, skills, and bonuses, that a Elemental Sorcerer of their element would gain at their level.

-Willworkers begin to age at generally at 2/3’s the normal rate of humans once they begin their Willworker training (usually at puberty, 12-14 years old).


-Druids are Eshih or Devona Magic Users.
-Druids have access to the Druid spell list only (Eshih & Devona).

*All Magic Users are born with the ‘spark’, whether Willworker or Druid, the initial ability can not be taught.
*No Magic User can be duel classed, too much time and training go into being a Magic User.


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