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Kantora: Land of Peace
General Information:
• Founded by the mythical woman of the same name, Kantora was the shield-bearer for the hero Arnaud. Myth states that it was the original Kantorans who raised Arnaud
• Throughout the ancient wars, Kantora lay nearly untouched by monstrous hands. This allowed the nation to grow wealthy with trade very early in history
• Willworkers have the strongest hold in this country, many nobles and wealthy merchants keep a willworker close as an advisor
• The women, like many things in Kantora, are often considered loose. Due as much to the milder temperatures, as well as personal fasion, the women of Kantora tend to dress in low, cleavage bearing, dresses. Woe to the man who violates a woman though, for the knives they carry are long and, escaping that, the law deals harshly with such men.
• The nobility of Kantora is generally seen as frivolous and weak, the true power, people say, is in the hands of the wealty Merchants Guild
• There is no national army in Kantora. Instead, defense of the nation is left in the hands of leagues of mercenaries, controlled by the various merchants and nobles of the country
Ruler(s): Queen Allegra Stratos

Cities of Kantora:

Senna: City of Flowers

Kermis: The Living City

Dalis: City of Bridges

Celendine: City of Masts

Trillian: City of Bells


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