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Cendrillion: Out of Ashes
General Information:
• Racially mixed country, primarily human and some Devona.
• Described as the “broken country”, half of Cendrillion was broken off into the sea at the “Last Great Battle”, and is edged jaggedly by the “Cliffs of Arnaud”.
• The Cliff’s still smokes and smolders to this day.
• The people are generally a heartier sort, gruff and independent.
• Much of the land is steppe, treeless with poor soil, racked by winds from the salty sea
• Willworkers and Druids are “officially” banned from the country, and its inhabitants are the most distrusting of them, on the Isle.
Ruler(s):No single ruler, the Broken Country is ruled loosely by The Council of Six- two leaders from each primary city.

Cities ofCendrillion:




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